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There is a growing public awareness of the need to pay particular attention to the requirements of persons with disability. This involves the setting up of a user-friendly environment with specially designed facilities. The University of Malta is committed to the creation of such an environment and is working towards this goal through a joint Council and Senate Committee under the chairmanship of Pro-Rector Professor Mary Anne Lauri.

Regulations have been adapted to make the University more accessible to persons with disability. This is being achieved through examination arrangements, both before and after entry, designed to assist without giving undue advantage. These arrangements are applicable both to the University's public examinations (Matriculation and SEC) as well as to its Certificate, Diploma and Degree examinations.

Admission Regulations have been amended to make University courses more accessible. The physical environment on campus is also important. Ramps have been constructed and lifts written into the design of new buildings. Full access to all areas is not available yet, but much progress has been achieved.

The University has purchased appropriate equipment such as motorised wheel-chairs which are available to physically disabled students who do not have their own. Speech synthesizers, which allow for text to be read by computer, can also be provided along with other equipment enabling blind persons to use the latest computer technology.

One of the areas in which special attention has been taken is in the provision of a coordinator on campus.

The ACCESS-Disability Support Unit of the University has an equipped office that provides services to persons with visual and physical impairments. Scanning techniques are routinely used to transfer texts to computer files on disk, which can then be read on a synthesizer either in the annexed office used by the student or on the student's own equipment at home. A Braille printer is also available, even though Braille is not very popular in Malta. Through the services already installed in this room, disabled students can have full access to Internet services.

Today persons with disability are actively being encouraged to sit for the University's examinations and to read for its degrees. The specialised help available is not fully comprehensive yet, but gradually a pool of services, made up of both specialised equipment and human resources is being built up. The The ACCESS-Disability Support Committee closely monitors developments in this area so as to ensure that the latest techniques and services can be introduced.

Arrangements at the University of Malta are tailor-made, whenever possible, to meet the needs of the individuals requiring them. As such a specific request has to be made to the ACCESS-Disability Support Committee which examines the certification and makes the necessary provisions.


Application Forms

Guidelines for MATSEC Examinations

Application Forms


University of Malta and Access Arrangements 

  • Application form to request Course Access Arrangements must be submitted by not later than Friday 30 November 2015 (only applicable to first year students or students requesting access arrangements for the first time).
  • Application form to request Examination Access Arrangements must be submitted by not later than Friday 27 November 2015.

Matriculation and Secondary Education Certificate Examinations Board May 2016 Session
  • Candidates are to apply for Exam Access Arrangements by Friday 6 November 2015.
  • Late applications for Exam Access Arrangements will only be accepted with late registrations on the 6 and 7 January 2016.
  • No applications for Exam Access Arrangements beyond the 7 January 2016 will be accepted even if applicants are allowed to register for the May examination session.

Contact Details

Marchita Mangiafico
ACCESS-Disability Support Unit
Room 109, Old Humanities Building
University of Malta
Msida MSD 2080

Tel: +356 2340 2557

Last Updated: 12 November 2015

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