Publications about different issues related to disabilities can be found in this section.

Some of the publications issued by CRPD are available in printed form and can be obtained by contacting CRPD. A selection of publications on this website are in PDF Format.

Documents written in Maltese can be read using the Maltese speech engine which can be downloaded from the FITA Website.

Self Advocacy

Self-Advocacy means that people with intellectual disabilities have the right to speak for themselves and make their own decisions without undue influence or control by others but with support when needed.

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Niżżel il-verżjoni bil-Malti hawnhekk

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Niżżel il-verżjoni bil-Malti hawnhekk

Niżżel il-PDF bil-Malti hawnhekk

Niżżel il-verżjoni faċli biex taqra hawnhekk

Independent / Supported Living

  • Supported Living Report (PDF) and Summary (PDF) (2011)
  • In 2003, KNPD commissioned Mr Gordon Cordina, economist, to carry out research on the financial dimension of supported living for disabled persons (PDF), especially in the supported employment sector. This research proposes a scheme through which disabled jobseekers are given financial assistance which they can use to find and maintain employment. This above report and suggested scheme are explained in the executive summary (PDF). CRPD formerly KNPD is currently working on implementing this scheme. As a first step, a meeting was held so that all interested parties, especially those interested in such a scheme, could give their reaction to the proposal and discuss it together.


The booklets here below provide information and aim to raise awareness about disabilities such as Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairments, Down Syndrome and Spina Bifida.

  • Il-Kuġin għandu l-Awtiżmu (MT) (PDF)
  • Dorianne nieqsa mid-dawl (MT) (PDF)
  • Marcel nieqes mis-smigh (MT) (PDF)
  • Clint ghandu d-Down Syndrome (MT) (PDF)
  • Jason juza s-siggu tar-roti (MT) (PDF)
  • Dritijiet mhux karita (Easy to read / (MT / EN) (PDF)
  • Education Policy (MT/EN) (PDF)
  • General Education Review (MT/EN) (PDF)
  • Equal Opportunities for All – Seminar (MT) (PDF)
  • Breaking the News (EN) (PDF)
  • Disability Awareness Publications:



National Policy on Disabled Persons and Employment (MT / EN / Easy to read) (PDF)

Workplace Accessibility Tax Deduction Scheme (EN) (PDF)