Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis


A number of persons with a disability relate how they are attempting to cope with the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis and share their experiences on how it has affected their lives and routines.

Antonio Flores coping with the Covid 19 crisis

Michael Debattista coping with the Covid 19 crisis


Information on the Parents’ Benefit Scheme


1. There are parents working in the private sector who can telework but, since their children under 16 years of age are statemented, have to switch to no pay to take care of them, including their schooling. An exception will made in the case of these parents in the sense that, although they can telework, if they can’t do this to take care of their children and switch to no pay, their applications should be accepted.

2. There are parents of persons with disability over the age of 16 who receive the Increased Severe Disability Assistance and who, since the adult centres and therapy sessions are currently closed, are in the same situation as 1 above. In this case, applications of parents working in the private sector should be accepted (even through their children are over 16 years of age), as long as these receive the Increased Severe Disability Assistance.


What is Coronavirus?


Information on Coronavirus – easy-to-read version

Information on Coronavirus – easy-to-read version for younger people


Remote Assistance


As of today Monday 16th March, Government is launching a service for Deaf and non-verbal people who live on their own. The service comprises of:

1. Grocery delivery;
2. Meals-on-Wheels;
3. Pharmacy of Your Choice (POYC).

1. The delivery of groceries will be available once a week from Monday to Friday from 8am to 3pm. This service will be given for free, however, the delivery-person must be paid for the groceries in cash and with exact change, since no change will be given.

2. A daily Meals-on-Wheels services will be provided between 2pm and 6pm against a charge of €2.20. Kindly note that no choice of food will be provided.

3. Pharmacy of Your Choice (POYC) Service shall be provided only to people with mobility impairment. POYC staff will pick up the papers from the clients and deliver the medicines and papers at a later stage.

When sending an email on [email protected] or calling on 2590 3030, kindly indicate which service you wish to avail yourself of, as well as your name, surname, address, locality, ID Card number and Special ID or EU Disability Card number.

In the case that a lockdown is imposed, these services may be suspended. You will be notified immediately should this happen.


Person WIth Disability Benefit


PDF: Information

Online Application Form