Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability

The Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) is committed to rendering Maltese society an inclusive one, in a way that persons with disability reach their full potential in all aspects of life, enjoying a high quality of life thanks to equal opportunities.

In fulfilling this mission, CRPD works in order to eliminate any form of direct or indirect social discrimination against persons with disability and their families while providing them with the necessary assistance and support.



Il-Kummissjoni għad-Drittijiet ta’ Persuni b’Diżabilità (CRPD) tixtieq tavża li fl-interess tas-saħħa tal-impjegati tagħha kif ukoll tal-pubbliku in ġenerali se tkun qed tagħlaq l-uffiċċini tagħha f’Malta u Għawdex b’effett immedjat sakemm jiġi avżat xort’oħra.

Sadanittant, tistgħu tikkuntattjawna permezz tal-imejl:

– Għal informazzjoni ġenerali fuq [email protected]
– Biex tirraporta diskriminazzjoni minħabba f’diżabilità fuq [email protected]
– B’rabta ma’ l-proċess tal-Ippjanar fuq [email protected]

Tistgħu tagħmlu kuntatt bil-posta:
MALTA: CRPD, G5 Offices, Triq Salvu Psaila, Birkirkara
GĦAWDEX: CRPD Helpdesk, Skola Primarja tas-Sannat, Triq Sannat, Ta’ Sannat, Għawdex

Tistgħu tapplikaw għas-servizzi tas-CPRD mis-siti elettroniċi tagħna jew inkella bil-posta:

Nirringrazzjawkom tal-koperazzjoni tagħkom.



In the interest of public safety and the health of its employees, the Commission for the Rights of Persons with a Disability (CRPD) will be closing its offices in Malta and Gozo with immediate effect until further notice.

Meanwhile, we can be contacted by email:
– For general information on [email protected]
– To report discrimination on account of disability on [email protected]
– In connection with the Planning process on [email protected]

By Post:
MALTA: CRPD, G5 Offices, Psaila Street, Birkirkara
GOZO: CRPD Helpdesk, Sannat Primary School, Sannat Road, Sannat, Gozo

Applications can also be made through our websites or by post:

Thanks to all for your cooperation.



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Website: Services offered by Aġenzija Sapport
  • A holder of the SID-EU card may apply for a number of services aimed for persons with disability within Government departments or private establishments .
  • To apply for for the first time for a SID-EU card press here.
  • To renew a permanent expired SID-EU card the person needs to send by post (1) recent certified passport sized photo or via email to [email protected] along with the Name, Surname and ID number.
  • To renew a temporary expired SID-EU card the person needs to send by post (1) recent certified passport sized photo or via email to [email protected] with service requested in email subject along with his Name, Surname and ID number.
  • This also can be sent signed with service requested in email subject along with his Name, Surname and ID number.
  • The SID-EU card is normally issued for a period of ten years for adults.
  • For children, the validity period is shorter.
  • It is important to renew the SID-EU card since expired cards 2 weeks before expiry as invalid cards will not be excepted by any service provider.
  • Renewal of these documents is the responsibility of the holder.
NOTE: Documents in question are legal documents and thus, in the case of the owners death, the document must immediately be returned to CRPD.
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With the Blue Badge you can park in the parking spaces reserved for disabled persons with the wheelchair symbol either on the ground or on a sign post. The Blue Badge issued in EU countries is also valid for Holiday use in Malta. There are parking spaces all over Malta that you could use however it is not permissible to park with a Blue Badge on yellow or double yellow line.
The Parking Card/Permit's name is Blue Badge. However many people have many names for it. ex; Blue Badge, Blue CardBlue Sticker.  

CRPD has direct and indirect services within it’s remit. If a person is registered with CRPD he/she is entitled to apply for services offered by the Government.

However almost all services offered to persons with disability within the Government entities are based on assessment for service.

The Services given by the library are free of charge. Anyone can become a member by clicking on the CRPD library tab and registering on the website

This gives you the opportunity to make use of the database which includes information on the resources within the library.

In order to borrow resources the member has to come in person to the library (during CRPD opening hours, which can be found in the contact us page), bringing their identity card and filling in a required form. More information can be obtained here.

No, however at the moment CRPD is compiling a list of accessible hotels, restaurants in collaboration with MTA.

  • Access - including building and outdoor accessibility and information accessibility
  • Education - including problems with school accessibility, LSA provision, examination arrangements
  • Employment - including accommodation for impairment, changes required to contract due to impairment, harassment
  • Housing - including accessibility of government housing, lifts, entrances to common areas
  • Goods and Services - including transport accessibility, provision of services
  • Insurance - including discrimination due to impairment in the policy
  • Health including provision of health services
  • Rights including any infringements of your rights as a disabled person
In order to make a complaint about discrimination please send an email to [email protected] mentioning the area of complaint (see "Which areas can I complain about if I have a problem?") in the title. Please note we are not able to accept anonymous complaints except for accessibility cases. Your email should include the following details:
  • Name and Surname
  • ID Card No
  • SID Card No (ID applicable)
  • Address
  • Telephone / Mobile Number
  • Name of entity the complaint is against (if applicable)
  • Details of the complaint
or else please email the filled template to submit your complaint to [email protected]

If you have a Blue Badge you may park in blue and green parking spaces as well as disabled parking spaces and white parking spaces.

CRPD is not responsible for assigning reserved parking bays. If you have a Blue Badge and an EU-SID card (both available by applying to CRPD) you may apply to Transport Malta to obtain a reserved parking bay.


If someone is parking in a reserved parking bay without a Blue Badge this should be reported to the police station in the locality that the offence takes place.

If you receive a fine from Mdina Council for entering Mdina (No Entry Except for Residents) you should appeal by emailing Mdina Local Council [email protected] with a copy of your Blue Badge and the contravention number. You should NOT pay the fine as this may not be refunded to you.

In order to avoid such a fine you are advised to contact the Mdina Council office by telephone before you go to Mdina and tell them your car registration number, which will then be logged. If you are unable to contact them before you go to Mdina eg at the weekend when the office is closed, please notify them on the next working day. The telephone number of Mdina Council is 21450707.

The following beaches are described as accessible:
  • Mgarr Il-Bajja s-Sabiha
  • Mellieha Little Armier
  • Mellieha Gnejna Bay
  • Ghadira
  • Golden Bay
  • St George's Bay
  • Ramla Bay
  • Il-Bajja ta' Wied il-Ghajn
Beaches which are classed as accessible include the following:
  • Wooden boardwalks
  • Beach wheelchairs
Hoists for access to rocky beaches (being provided over the next year):
  • Bugibba perched beach
  • Qawra Point
  • Exiles, Sliema
In addition to this, over the next year, Tal-Fajtata (Marsaskala) will have its pathway extended to allow access for wheelchairs to the sea.